Recently there has been much speculation on whether or not Mariah Carey is pregnant in real life. Here we explore some of the evidence for and against this rumour.

Evidence for Mariah Carey being pregnant

    • Mariah Carey recently tweeted that she is “eating for two”.
    • The pop star was recently seen at an ultrasound clinic.
    • Sources close to Mariah Carey have confirmed she is expecting.

Evidence against Mariah Carey being pregnant

    • Mariah Carey has not officially commented on the pregnancy rumours.
    • The ultrasound appointment she was seen at was reportedly linked to a song video shoot.
    • Mariah Carey’s management have yet to address the rumours.

Overall, as of yet there is no hard evidence that Mariah Carey is indeed pregnant. We can only assume that we will find out the truth one way or another, in due course.

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