Mark Grossman and Sharon Case have grown close on their show The Young and the Restless as their characters Adam Newman and Sharon Newman, and the couple’s on-screen chemistry has fans wondering if the two are an item in real life as well.

What Do We Know?

    • The Stars: Sharon Case and Mark Grossman have been playing couple Adam and Sharon Newman since 2019, when Grossman took over the role of Adam from Justin Hartley.
    • Relationship Status: Sharon Case has been married to Sandy Corzine since 2007 and Mark Grossman is currently single.
    • On-Screen Love Story: Sharon and Mark Grossman’s on-screen love story as Sharon and Adam Newman is a captivating one, full of high drama and intense emotions.

Are They Married in Real Life?

The short answer is no. Mark Grossman and Sharon Case have an undeniable connection in their onscreen roles as Adam and Sharon Newman, but that doesn’t mean the two are together in real life. Sharon Case has been married to Sandy Corzine since 2007 and Grossman is currently single.

While the two don’t have a romantic relationship outside of the show, Sharon and Mark have developed a strong friendship over the last few years and their on-screen chemistry speaks for itself. Even though they may not be a real-life couple, fans still love their characters’ relationship and root for them to stay together.

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