Maya Ray Hawke is an American actress, known for her roles in the Netflix series Stranger Things and the BBC drama Little Women. But is Maya Hawke gay in real life?

Maya Hawke’s Sexuality

Maya Hawke has not officially come out as gay, so her sexuality remains unknown. However, she has publicly identified herself as having both a masculine side and a feminine side.

Clues to Maya Hawke’s Sexuality

There are some clues to Maya Hawke’s sexuality. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she said:

    • I don’t identify as male or female — I think I float somewhere in between.
    • My gender expression was always in between the two.

She has also been known to rock androgynous clothing, often sporting suits and ties rather than traditional gender-based outfits.

Is Maya Hawke Open About Her Sexuality?

As of now, Maya Hawke has not openly identified as gay, but she does appear to be open about exploring her sexuality in a conscious, public way.

In a Teen Vogue article, she said:

    • I’m trying to figure out my sexuality and my gender.
    • I’m not ready to come out and speak confidently about it yet.


Overall, Maya Hawke has not officially identified as gay, and her sexuality remains unknown. While she is open about exploring her sexuality, she has not yet revealed her sexual orientation. Consequently, the answer to the question “Is Maya Hawke gay in real life?” remains unknown.

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