Movies nowadays are very popular, especially when it’s based on a true story. We all love to watch those inspiring and awe-inspiring films that make us cry, laugh and think. But, the question we all want to know is, are these movies based on a true story?

Pros of Such Movies

    • Connect with Realities: The best part about movies based on true stories, is that you can connect with the characters with your own reality. People can relate to the characters more this way. They might have faced similar situations or circumstances in life and will be able to relate on an emotional level.
    • Inspiring: Such movies are usually full of inspiration. You get to see how real people, faced real problems in life but overcame all odds and did bigger, better things. Such inspiring stories motivate you to overcome your struggles and live better lives.
    • Informative: By watching movies based on true stories, we get lot of information that we wouldn’t get otherwise. It teaches us about facts, history and we get to learn a lot from these movies.

Cons of Such Movies

    • Inaccurate Representation: One of the main issues with movies based on true story is that most of the times, the facts are changed in films due to time constraints and for entertainment purpose. This changes the course of the story and doesn’t really stay faithful to the true version of it.
    • False Perceptions: Such movies create false perceptions in society and make people think that if they go through a few struggles, they can eventually come out on the top and their life would be sorted which is not always true.
    • Manipulation of Facts: With such films, most of the times, the facts are not true or they are manipulated. This can lead to a lot of information and history being taught to people that is not at all accurate.

To conclude, it can be noted that although most of these films based on true stories can be inspiring and motivating, they also hold a certain level of inaccuracy which should be taken into account.

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