Murphy is a character in the popular Netflix show Tiger King who has been a topic of conversation since the show first aired. But beyond the drama and scheming, viewers may be wondering, is Murphy actually blind in real life?

Murphy’s Backstory

Murphy, formally known as Dr. Carrie Fisher, first appeared in the Tiger King docuseries as the partner of Jeff Lowe. According to the show, she was a veterinarian who worked at Jeff’s park, The Greater Wynnewood Animal Park, before it was closed down. One of the most noticeable things about her was that she claimed to be legally blind, but it was unclear if this was true.

Is Murphy Actually Blind?

Due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding Murphy’s backstory, it’s hard to confirm whether or not she is actually blind. There is no documentation to prove her condition, and the show does not provide many details about her background. However, according to Major Paynter, Jeff Lowe’s ex-business partner, Murphy is not actually blind. In an interview with The Sun, Paynter said “Carrie isn’t blind at all. She just wears glasses so people assume she is blind and Jeff plays up on that.”

Reasons She May Not Be Blind

    • Her demeanor: During her appearances on the show, Murphy can be seen using her eyes, making it unlikely she is actually blind.
    • Medical records: According to Paynter, Lowe does not have any medical records for Murphy that confirm her blindness.
    • Appearance: Murphy is often seen wearing glasses, which may lead some to believe she is blind.


In conclusion, there is no definitive answer as to whether Murphy is actually blind in real life. While there have been reports that she is not blind, there is no solid evidence to prove either way.

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