Ncuti Gatwa is the breakout star of the Netflix series Sex Education and fans are curious if he is gay in real life, just like his character Eric.

Real Life

Ncuti Gatwa is heterosexual and is currently in a loving relationship with his childhood friend, Monique Lopes. The two have been together since 2018 and recently moved in together.

On Screen

When it comes to his character Eric on Sex Education, Ncuti Gatwa is most definitely gay. Ncuti even researched the life of a gay man just to prepare for the role and bring the character to life.

The Impact

Ncuti Gatwa has become a huge source of pride for the LGBTQ+ community, portraying an honest and brave multi-dimensional character on screen. Fans can’t get enough of Eric, and Ncuti Gatwa’s performance and dedication to portraying his character is to thank for that.

The Future

Ncuti Gatwa continues to break stereotypes and proudly takes part in LGBTQ+ events, making sure to empathize with his fan base. With his recent accomplishments and a third season of Sex Education on its way, there’s no telling what Ncuti Gatwa will do next.

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