Rodney Burford is a well-known actor, known for his roles in TV series and movies like Atypical, Speechless, and The Quad. He also has a strong background in art and music. But the one thing that has many people asking is, is Rodney Burford deaf in real life?

What We Know About Rodney Burford’s Hearing

Rodney Burford is open about his hearing impairment, which he was born with. It is unknown exactly how severe his hearing loss is, but he is able to communicate effectively with others, and works with interpreters and assistive listening devices.

How Rodney Burford Has Adapted

Rodney Burford has had to adapt and learn to communicate without relying on his hearing. He used sign language to become an effective actor and continues to use it in his everyday life. He also uses a hearing aid to help pick up background noises that he would not normally hear.

Rodney Burford’s Show With CNN

In addition to acting, Rodney Burford is involved in activism and education, particularly relating to the deaf and hard of hearing community. He even had a show on CNN exploring the stories of other deaf individuals, as well as spreading understanding to hearing people.


So it can be said that while Rodney Burford is indeed deaf in real life, he has not let this stop him from achieving great things. He has adapted and created an amazing career, while also dedicating time to advocacy and awareness of issues facing the deaf community. He is an inspiration to other deaf people, and should be applauded for his efforts.

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