Home Economics is an American television sitcom which recently made its debut on the ABC network. It revolves around three siblings named Sarah, Jack and Gus and their parents as they deal with all the complexities of their lives. Fans of the show were stood up when they heard that Sarah, the eldest sibling, was pregnant and wanted to keep the news under wraps. But is Sarah pregnant in real life? Let’s find out.

Who is Sarah on Home Economics?

On the show, Sarah is an acerbic writer and blogger with a love for coffee, alcohol and sarcasm. She is intelligent but also self-destructive and has a phobia of commitment. After a breakup and a series of failed relationships, Sarah decides to have a baby by herself. She decides to keep the news of her pregnancy from her family, and the show follows her attempts to keep the secret.

Is Sarah from Home Economics Really Pregnant in Real Life?

The simple answer is no. Sarah is not really pregnant in real life. The storyline of the show is purely fictional, and Sarah’s pregnancy was even used to represent her fear of commitment. Sarah’s actress, Caitlin McGee, is not pregnant. Caitlin is actually married in real life and has two daughters.



So, Sarah from Home Economics is not pregnant in real life. The storyline of Sarah’s pregnancy is just a plot device of the show, meant to show Sarah’s fear of commitment and development of her character. Despite this, the show is winning fans over with its humour, wit, and insight.

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