Spy x Family is an ongoing manga series and one of the most popular shows currently airing. While the series does carry the main genre of action espionage, the series could just as easily be considered a slice of life anime.

Relatable Cast of Characters

The main cast of Spy x Family consists of spy Twilight, his daughter Anya, and a fake wife, Yor. Twilight is a master spy and his daughter is a highly trained assassin. Together, they form a family unlike any other. However, despite the grand adventures, the family always goes through everyday troubles and hiccups, which is a great testament to how slice of life this series is.

Quirky Pop Culture References and Comedy

The show is filled with plenty of fun and quirky references to pop culture throughout the series. One example is when Twilight has part of his mission as a spy is to become an idol, where he joins a group of other idols to perform a concert – a hilarious and exciting tribute to the surprisingly popular idol culture in Japan.

Heartwarming Storylines

At its heart, Spy x Family is about a family’s trials and tribulations. Twilight is an undercover spy and the bond between him, his daughter Anya, and his fake wife Yor is certainly an interesting one. The storylines, though ones of espionage, are heartwarming and often full of emotion, making it easy to connect with and get involved in the story.


In conclusion, Spy x Family is a series with both grand adventures and slice of life moments. With a relatable cast of characters, quirky pop culture references and heartwarming storylines, Spy x Family is a series that is sure to please many viewers.

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