Life Below Zero: Is Sue Aikens still on the Show?

Life Below Zero is one of the most popular shows on the National Geographic channel.The show chronicles the daily lives of subsistence hunters in the harsh and remote areas of Alaska.One of the most popular characters on the show is Sue Aikens.

Who is Sue Aikens?

Sue Aikens is a sixty-one year old woman living in a small cabin in the Kavik River Camp in the North Slope of Alaska.She is the only permanent inhabitant of the camp,which she has owned and operated since 1993.She has become a fan favorite with her no-nonsense attitude,rugged work ethic and her ability to survive in the harsh environment.

Is Sue Aikens still on Life Below Zero?

Yes,Sue Aikens is still on Life Below Zero and continues to be one of its most popular characters.She has been featured in all 187 episodes of the show since it first aired in 2003.In 2014,she was awarded the ” Woman of Courage Award” for her exceptional courage in remaining in such a difficult environment for so long.

What does Sue Aikens have to say about being on Life Below Zero?

Sue Aikens has expressed great appreciation for being a part of the National Geographic show.In an interview on the Ellen Degeneres show in April 2019,she said:

“The show has been an incredible opportunity to share my story with the world.I love being able to share my story and to continue to care for the land I love so much.It is a thrill to be part of such an amazing show,and I am so grateful for the recognition I have received.”

What else does Sue Aikens do?

Aside from being a part of Life Below Zero,Sue Aikens is an avid outdoorsman and a skilled hunter.She also runs her own outfitting business where she takes people on hunting and sightseeing trips throughout Alaska. She is also an advocate for conservation and works to protect the Alaskan wilderness.


Sue Aikens has become a beloved character on the National Geographic show Life Below Zero.She is still a part of the show and continues to show her courage and dedication to her life in the Alaskan wilderness.Her enthusiasm for the show and her commitment to her unique lifestyle have made her an inspiration to many viewers.

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