The Book of Life Movie – A Review by Netflix

The Book of Life movie is a vibrant and visually captivating feast of adventure and endearing characters, released on Netflix in 2018.


The movie follows the story of Manolo, a talented young musician caught between his family’s traditional expectations and his own dreams of a better life. Plunging into a fantastical, mythical world of the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten, Manolo embarks on a journey full of self-discovery and danger. With friends Joaquin and Maria by his side, Manolo finds himself torn between two worlds and two potential loves, as he journeys to break all-powerful curses and outwit his enemies.

Cast & Characters

The main star of The Book of Life movie is Diego Luna, who plays the role of Manolo. He is supported by a great cast of other characters, some of which include:

    • Channing Tatum as Joaquin
    • Zoe Saldana as Maria
    • Ice Cube as Candle Maker
    • Ron Perlman as Xibalba
    • Kate del Castillo as La Muerte

Themes & Tone

The movie offers a unique combination of visual storytelling and music, as we join Manolo on his amazing adventure. There are several themes running throughout the movie, such as the struggle between following tradition or forging your own path and how actions can have consequences.

The movie is festive and upbeat, as Manolo and his friends fight for what’s right and persevere in the face of adversity. However, it also carries an undertone of seriousness, with moments of sadness and sorrow.


The Book of Life movie is an enjoyable and fun-filled adventure with splendid visuals and a sweet soundtrack. It is the perfect watch to add a spark of life, wonder and adventure to your day.

So, if you’re in the mood for an action-packed, vibrant and mesmerizing journey that will fill your heart with joy, why not give The Book of Life a watch on Netflix?

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