Being an immortal king dubbed is no easy feat, as this unique and exclusive role carries with it many unique challenges and expectations. For one thing, kings who receive this designation have a considerable task ahead of them in order to maintain their immortality. This involves a variety of things, including but not limited to:

    • Enduring great trials and hardships: As an immortal king, it is essential to face and succeed in difficult challenges and tests.
    • Maintaining a long lifespan: As the concept of immortality implies, those with this title need to remain alive for a great many years, if not indefinitely.
    • Upholding an ethical and moral code: Those with this title must follow a moral and ethical code in order to maintain their immortality
    • Constantly growing in power and knowledge: Growing in knowledge and strength is a requirement for maintaining one’s status as an immortal king.

These are only a few of the daily tasks facing those who bear this title. On top of these, there are other more “mundane” duties that must be upheld, such as staying well-rested, eating right, and enjoying hobbies and leisure activities. All of these represent the unique and demanding lifestyle of an immortal king.


Being an immortal king dubbed is a great honour, but it also carries great responsibility. Those who carry this title must be prepared to face a wide range of responsibilities, from enduring great trials and hardships to upholding a moral code. All of these activities make up the demanding daily life of an immortal king.

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