The hit animated movie “Book of Life” delighted audiences of all ages with its charming, vibrant visuals and humorous story-line. Fans of the film are eagerly asking the same question – is there a Book of Life 2?

What Would a Possible Follow-Up Look Like?

Based off the animated hit movie of the same name, a possible sequel could find the original characters of Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin in even more adventures. We could explore the history of Manolo and Maria’s families, representing how their combined stories intertwine forming a unique bond. Not only that, but the sequel could interweave other fantasy elements, providing an even more awe-inspiring journey for Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin.

What Is the Current Status?

Unfortunately, there is no news of a Book of Life 2 being in the works at this time. However, fans of the original movie can still enjoy its image of Latin culture and its positive moral messages. There has also been an accompanying video game released for fans to explore the world of Book of Life even further.

Final Thoughts

It’s uncertain if there will ever be a Book of Life 2 – but we can always hope! For now, we can still appreciate the original film and its characters, and enjoy the vibrant style of the visuals and its heartwarming tale.

So, is there a Book of Life 2? Unfortunately, we can only wait and see!

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