The Chi is a hit show on Showtime about the trials and tribulations of living in Chicago’s southern neighborhood. One of the show’s breakout characters is Trig, a gay teen navigating his way through the difficulties of being LGBTQ.

So the question that is on many people’s minds is whether or not Trig is gay in real life.

Is Trig Really Gay?

The short answer is yes – Trig is gay in real life. The actor who portrays him, Jason Mitchell, is openly queer. He has been open about his sexuality and proud of his role in The Chi in interviews.

What Has Trig Said About His Sexuality?

In an interview with Out Magazine, Mitchell talked about how proud he was to play a queer teen on The Chi. He said that he hopes Trig’s story will inspire other LGBTQ teens who may have been feeling alone and uncertain about their sexuality. He also expressed his appreciation for the writers, crew, and cast – all of whom made sure Trig’s story felt true to life.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth noting that being gay in real life doesn’t always mean that a character is gay in a TV show or movie. But it’s clear that Trig’s story was based on real life experiences and that his actor, Jason Mitchell, has used his own life to give a realistic and moving portrayal of what it’s like to be LGBTQ.

We applaud Mitchell for using his platform to help normalize LGBTQ characters and stories on screen, and for bringing Trig’s story to life.

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