The character of Will Horton from TV show ‘Days of our Lives’ is one of the longest-running gay characters in the history of North American media. While the show’s creators have consistently made the character a part of the show, many fans have been wondering if the character is gay in real life?

An Overview of Will Horton’s Story

Will Horton’s story began in 1995 when he was born on the show as the son of Sami and Lucas. Will’s coming-out story has been a major point of focus throughout the show and he struggles with his identity and acceptance of his sexuality.

Is Will Horton Gay in Real Life?

The actor who has been playing Will has always been very close to the character and the showrunners. He has never publicly come out as gay, and still chooses to keep his private life extremely private.

However, many fans point to subtle hints that suggest that Will’s actor, Guy Wilson, may identify as something other than heterosexual in real life.

How Fans Showed Support

Many fans of the show were so invested in Will’s story and the character’s journey that when Guy Wilson left the show in 2015, they started a huge online campaign in support of Will. This included showcasing supportive messages and shared their admiration for the character and his portrayal.

This shows that even though the actor has remained silent on the matter, fans of the character have stayed the course. This shows how meaningful and resonant Will Horton’s story on ‘Days of our Lives’ is, no matter what the actor’s sexuality might be in real life.


Will Horton is an iconic character that has been part of ‘Days of our Lives’ for nearly 20 years. The character’s story has been an inspirational one regardless of the actor’s own sexual preference. In the end, fans will still continue to root for Will, no matter what.

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