Women’s Care Centers (WCCs) are community-funded, faith-based organizations providing free supportive services to pregnant women — including medical care, counseling, and material assistance. But do these free services also come with an agenda? Let’s take a closer look at the aims and values of Women’s Care Centers and what they mean for women’s reproductive rights.

The Philosophy of Women’s Care Centers

The values and mission of Women’s Care Centers originate from a pro-life viewpoint. WCCs believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is wrong. As the centers’ websites state, they are focused on serving the needs of pregnant women by encouraging them to check, keep and raise their babies, rather than choosing abortion.

What Services Do Women’s Care Centers Provide?

Women’s Care Centers offer variety of services and programs to help pregnant women and their babies — including:

    • Medical Care: Women’s Care Centers provide medical care to pregnant women, including ultrasounds and hormone testing.
    • Counseling: WCCs offer free counseling and spiritual support for pregnant women to help them make unpressured and well-informed decisions.
    • Material Support: Women’s Care Centers provide material support to pregnant women and their children, such as diapers and formula.
    • Adoption Referrals: WCCs can provide adoption referrals for pregnant women who wish to explore that option.
    • Education: Education programs are also available at Women’s Care Centers to help pregnant women learn about their rights and available resources.

Pros and Cons of Women’s Care Centers

Supporters of Women’s Care Centers applaud their intention to provide services that support mothers in need. However, some critics argue that the hidden agenda of pro-life values can be alienating to those who do not share the same beliefs.

Ultimately, whether WCCs are pro-life or not, no one can deny that the free services and resources they provide help to support pregnant women in need. While Women’s Care Centers can provide valuable support, all women have the right to make decisions that are right for them and their families.

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