The Toronto-born artist known as XO Tour Life has experienced a meteoric rise to fame in the past five years that has left some fans questioning whether the rapper is cursed. While the answer is likely no, there is still good reason to question XO Tour Life’s fate due to the unusual circumstances around his sudden rise to fame.

Soaring to Fame

XO Tour Life burst onto the scene in 2016 with a string of hit song releases, including his rapid-fire single, “Look Alive.” He has collaborated with a host of well-known artists, including Drake and Rihanna, and has gained a loyal fanbase around the world.

Tragedy and Suspicious Events

Despite his success, XO Tour Life’s life has been plagued by tragedy and suspicious events. Tragedy struck in 2017, when XO Tour Life’s father passed away. Even more bizarrely, he was forced to cancel a tour in 2020 due to the sudden death of a close friend.

In addition, there were reports of a home being broken into while XO Tour Life was away, in which a large sum of cash was taken. His entourage also reported being followed by a mysterious person.

The Curse Theory

These occurrences, paired with his sudden rise to fame, has led many fans to question whether or not XO Tour Life is Cursed. While it’s unlikely that this is the case, it’s still an interesting theory to speculate on.


It appears that the rise of XO Tour Life has had a rollercaster effect, with huge highs and deep lows. While it’s unlikely that he is cursed, tragedies have certainly taken a toll on him and his career. Hopefully, XO Tour Life will continue to follow his dreams and achieve his goals despite any setbacks.

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