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Omicron news – The business situation of Ireland is deteriorating

The Corona situation in Ireland has been declining rapidly since the beginning of winter. Meanwhile, the new variant of Corona Omicron has entered the country, raising fears among locals and expatriates.

With the onset of winter, the incidence of corona is increasing in Ireland. When the health department was struggling to cope with the patient’s stress in the ICU, Omicron appeared to be on the verge of death.

Ireland imposed travel bans on several African countries last week after the new variant entered various European countries. However, the country’s health department estimates that a newly infected patient has entered Ireland before the ban.

Ireland omicron news
Omicron news Ireland
Omicron news

At a press conference at the health department, doing office work from home was suggested to ensure that the new type does not spread later. As well as maintaining social distance, they have been asked to refrain from domestic events.

How scientists in San Francisco found the first case of the omicron COVID-19 variant in the US

Omicron variant
Omicron Variant

In addition, if the country’s corona situation deteriorates, more stringent restrictions may come. Expatriates are also thinking of such a situation.
Fourteen people from different countries came to Ireland for a corona test a few days before the travel ban. They identified a new virus in their bodies.

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