Life Below Zero has been one of the most popular reality shows of the modern era. It follows the dramatic and dangerous lives of subsistence hunters living in isolated areas of Alaska.

But is it real? Do the stories, adventures, and the narrator actually depict the lives of these people, or is it all scripted?

The Evidence That It’s Real

The main argument for the show’s reality is that it’s just too grueling to be faked. The show’s characters face bears, extreme temperatures, and struggle with hunger – all of which are real aspects of subsistence lifestyle.

Plus, there are vast logistical problems to be faced and solved when making a fake documentary in such a remote location.

The Evidence That It’s Not Real

However, some critics do suggest that some of the situations depicted on the show are just too perfect. Some of the storylines seem a bit too neat and tidy, which could suggest some script-doctored involvement.

Plus, most of the people featured on the show are not professional actors, which means that it’s possible for them to read a script or exaggerate certain storylines for the sake of good television.


Overall, there is evidence to suggest that Life Below Zero is mostly real. The difficult conditions make it almost impossible to act.

Plus, it’s produced by a reputable team that values its reputation for creating genuine and authentic shows.

Ultimately, it’s left to the viewer to decide what to believe. But life below zero still remains one of the most exciting and dramatic documentaries to watch.

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