Big Sean’s song “What a Life” offers a breath of fresh air from the struggles of life. The lyrics are a call to stay hopeful and enjoy life no matter the circumstances. Here’s an analysis of the song’s meaning and sonic features.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

The lyrics of “What a Life” reflect the importance of savoring life’s moments and finding joy in the small things. Big Sean urges listeners to make the most of their lives and not get bogged down in the struggles that come with everyday life. He stresses the important of appreciating moments such as those spent with family, friends, and yourself. In the chorus, Big Sean sings “I’m livin my best life doin what I want, Ain’t no stoppin’ me now, It’s all about havin’ fun like everyone”.

The Sonic Features

The sonic features of “What a Life” emphasize everything great about life. The song starts off with a cheerful guitar melody, and each verse is backed by a light electric guitar lead. The chorus then changes gears with a bright, poppy synth lead – symbolizing the joy in life. Big Sean’s catchy melodies and lyrics make the song all the more enjoyable, and the overall upbeat tone throughout the song is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Final Thoughts

Take a listen to Big Sean’s “What a Life” and enjoy the catchy rhythms and uplifting message.

Here are some of the song’s key takeaways:

    • Live life to its full potential
    • Enjoy and appreciate the small moments
    • Don’t let life’s struggles deter you
    • Make the most of life and have fun

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