Reincarnation and past life regression can be part of a spiritual journey and can be a source of insight. If you’ve ever pondered what animal you were in your past life, here are some tips to help you understand your spiritual connection with animals:


Take some time to contemplate the animals that come to you in your dreams or what animals—or in what parts of the natural world—you feel most drawn to. Pay attention to any which particularly attract your attention or hold a special significance.

    • Pay attention to the animals. Spend time in nature and observe different animals and the way they interact with their environment. It might help to sit still in a spot in nature and connect with the animal nearby.
    • How are you similar to animals? Explore how your behaviour and characteristics may be similar to those of animals. For example, if you are a fox, you may be sly and shrewd.
    • How do animals make you feel? Do you feel a sense of joy and calm upon seeing certain animals? Do you feel a sense of peace?

Don’t Limit Yourself

Your past life animal might not necessarily be a mammal; it could also be an insect, reptile, bird, fish, or amphibian. It could just be a presence, like a tree or other type of plant.

    • Be open to different possibilities
    • Let go of any expectations
    • Just observe

If we can access our intuition and awareness into our past life animal, we can learn more about ourselves and our spiritual connection to the natural world.

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