It’s a common daydream: what would life be like if we were reincarnated as an animal? Every animal has different traits and tendencies that can reflect aspects of our own personalities. Depending on what we value and prioritize in life, we could be any number of creatures in our next life.

Before I Pick an Animal, I Consider What Animal Qualities I Admire

The first step to determining which animal I’d be in my next life is to consider what qualities I admire most, and which would best reflect my own personality in a new form. Some qualities I admire in animals include:

    • Bravery: be willing to take risks, stand up for yourself, and never back down.
    • Resourcefulness: use ingenuity to survive and thrive in any environment.
    • Intelligence: use problem-solving skills to overcome challenges.
    • Playfulness: enjoy life with a sense of humor.

What Animal Would Best Reflect My Personality?

Now that I’ve thought about which qualities I admire in animals, it’s time to decide which creature might best reflect my personality in my next life. I think I’d be a great otter. Otters are known for their resourcefulness and resilience, traits that I strive for. They are playful and curious, which is something I value in myself and in others. They are also very brave and protective of their families. All of these virtues make the otter a great choice for my next animal incarnation.


Determining which animal I’d be in my next life is an exercise that can help me reflect on what I value and find out more about my own personality. The otter stands out for me because of its playful yet brave nature. It’s an animal with smarts and an appreciation for life, and I think those qualities would suit me perfectly in my next life.

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