Life circumstances are the experiences and conditions that you encounter in the course of your life. They are created by the environment in which you live, and the events that you experience. Many life circumstances are out of our control, and if not managed properly, can have a profound and lasting effect on our lives.

Types of Life Circumstances

Life circumstances can range from difficult life experiences such as poverty, violence, and unemployment, to the less pressing realities of everyday life, such as juggling work and family, budgeting for bills, or meeting all of your commitments.

How to Cope with Life Circumstances

    • Acceptance: Realizing that life circumstances are often out of your control can help you to have a more positive outlook. Accepting that you cannot control every situation will help to ease the sense of helplessness and powerlessness that comes along with certain life circumstances.
    • Professional Support: Seeking the right professional support can make all the difference in managing and overcoming life circumstances. If you are struggling with a difficult life circumstance, such as poverty or violence, speaking to a trained professional is the best way to equip you with the resources and skills to tide you over any situation.
    • Personal Connections: Connecting with others who understand and empathize with your life circumstance can also be a powerful way to deal with the situation. Joining a support group or talking to peers can provide you with validation, comfort, and with a feeling of shared purpose, can help to lessen the feeling of isolation.


No one can escape life’s circumstances, but having a better understanding of them and knowing how to effectively manage them can turn difficult times into sources of strength and growth. By accepting life circumstances, seeking professional help, and connecting with peers, one can rise above these difficulties and find a way to make sense of them, albeit with a little extra effort.

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