Humans naturally strive for connection and understanding, by expressing themselves and having the power to convey and articulate their wants, needs, and feelings. There are, however, some people who find it difficult to open up and, for them, having the ability to be heard and understood is something that can be hard to come by. This is where the concept of the seven life languages comes in.

What Are The Seven Life Languages?

The seven life languages are seven different ways of expressing and understanding how humans communicate with one another. These seven life languages aid in enhancing relationships, while also discovering what makes each person unique by exploring their communication preferences.

The Seven Life Languages

The seven life languages are:

    • Word-Sound – the tone and sound of a person’s voice, body language, and facial expressions.
    • Word-Writing – writing out emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
    • Material-Touch – physical touch, and sending a gift as an act of kindness.
    • Influential-Image – creating an emotional impact through artwork, photographs, and movies.
    • Symbol-Meaning – using symbols, words, and icons to create meaning.
    • Structure-Time – understanding and respecting someone’s time, scheduling, and structure.
    • Experiencing-Adventure – activities and excursions that bring people closer together.

Benefits of Understanding the Seven Life Languages

Familiarizing yourself with the seven life languages has the potential to either enrich or even save a relationship. With understanding and recognition of the seven life languages, communication can become easier, and constructive conversations are more likely to occur.

In addition to strengthening already existing relationships, understanding the seven life languages can help build healthier relationships, as both parties are aware of each other’s individual communication preferences. It can also bring about clarity and ease for those who are struggling to express themselves.

The seven life languages can have an immense impact, being able to reach the core of who we are and the way we communicate with others. Understanding this concept can help us bridge the gap between communicating our true thoughts and feelings, while creating a deeper connection with those around us.

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