Life can be a beautiful journey, sometimes we get caught up in the good and sometimes experience the bad. The song “What Brings Life Also Kills” dives deep into the understanding of life – delighting in its beauty, joys and struggles. This song shows us that ultimately life is a journey that we must accept and embrace.

Theme of Life’s Dualities

The song speaks to the theme of life’s dualities. In life, we encounter moments that bring us joy, victory, and celebration. But, unfortunately, we also sometimes face crushing defeats and moments of darkness. The lyrics of this song recognize that the same forces of life that bring us good times can also bring us pain.

Messages of Hope and Encouragement

The song encourages us to “stand strong” even in the face of struggle and feel the depth of life’s joys. The lyrics remind us that although life’s struggles can be intense, we can overcome them by pressing ahead with strength, courage and courage of conviction.

Powerful lyrics

The lyrics of “What Brings Life Also Kills” are powerful and inspiring. Here are some of the song’s most memorable lines:

    • “But there’s more beauty in life when you weep in your sleep” – This line speaks to the idea that our sorrows can give us a greater appreciation of life and lead us to even greater joy.
    • “And the first will be last and the last will be first” – This lyrics speaks to the idea of “arriving” in life – eventual success may come after a long period of struggle.
    • “And the future will come though the present is dark” – This lyric speaks to the hopeful truth that even in the shadows of despair, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

The song “What Brings Life Also Kills” is a powerful and inspirational piece about life, death and our journey through both. The song speaks to the reality of life’s dualities and reminds us that we can arrive at beauty and joy even in our darkest moments. The song is filled with meaningful lyrics and encourages us to press on with strength, courage and courage of conviction.

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