King Solomon was a wise man and his sayings towards the end of his life still inspire us today. During his long reign, he not only focused on justice and wisdom, but also on moral teachings, which helped to create the foundation for some of the greatest literary works of all time – for example, his famous poem, “The Song of Solomon”.

Here are some of the important lessons King Solomon shared towards the end of his life:

Trust Your Judgment

King Solomon said: “Trust in yourself and in your own judgment, and you will be wise.” He was urging us to avoid overcomplicating our lives by relying too much on the advice of others, while undoing our own decision-making skills.

Surround Yourself With Wise People

King Solomon said: “Be wise when you choose your friends, for it is easier to spit out an egg than change a friend.” He was reminding us to our surroundings carefully and to choose wisely those with whom we associate.

Live A Balanced Life

King Solomon said: “We should live each day with balance, for too much of one thing can be harmful.” He was encouraging us to not indulge in too much of anything, whether it be food, luxury, or even pleasure. Balance is key to a happy and healthy life.

Think Before Speaking

King Solomon said: “The tongue of the wise speaks and reflects on what it has said, but the fool speaks without thought.” This saying reminds us to think carefully before speaking and to only say what we truly mean.

Do Not Rely On Wealth

King Solomon said: “Do not rely on wealth, for it is not everlasting. ” He was teaching us to not be too attached to material things and to focus on developing lasting relationships and experiences that bring us true joy and contentment.

Stay Faithful To Others

King Solomon said: “Stay true to those who love you and trust you, for loyalty is more valuable than gold.” He was stressing the importance of faithfulness and reminding us that strong, lasting relationships are more valuable than any material possessions.

King Solomon’s final sayings were a source of wise advice that can guide us even today. By implementing his teachings in our lives, we can lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives, full of insight and understanding.

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