Love life is an important part of our lives, and often times there are moments of highs and lows. Among these highs and lows, it is the quality of our love life which determines our true happiness. As a result, it is important to know what it truly means when referring to love life’s DOA.


DOA stands for “Dead On Arrival” and is a term used to refer to any situation that is incredibly unlikely to succeed in the long run. This could refer to a potential relationship, a current one, or even just the dream of one. DOA is meant to bring a sense of finality to situations desperately in need of hope or repair. In the context of love life’s DOA, it may mean any of the following:

    • Lack of Mutual Compatability: In a relationship, two people in love have to have basic levels of compatibility. Without this, many problems can arise and long-term success can be hard to achieve.
    • Extremely Low Moral Standing: Whether it be from one person or both, a relationship in which there are extremely low moral standards cannot thrive in the long run. As the saying goes, “to have a happy marriage, both spouses must have values and principles”.
    • Misplaced Priorities: In a healthy relationship, both individuals must prioritize the other prior to any other things. When these priorities are off-kilter, issues can arise in the relationship.
    • Unhealthy Habits: Whether it be drugs and alcohol, or some other type of habit, it is essential to rid of any and all unhealthy habits before attempting a relationship. Unhealthy habits can easily pose a huge threat to new relationships.


Love life’s DOA is a term used to refer to any situation that has a low chance of success in the long run. This could mean a current relationship, a future one, or even just the idea of one. In any case, knowing what this term truly means and why it is used can help prevent any further issues or damage to a love life.

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