Angie J, from Homer, Louisiana was a prime example of someone who was struggling with obesity. At her heaviest, Angie weighed 600-lbs. She used food as a coping mechanism and at one point, she could barely get out of bed due to her severe obesity.

Fortunately, with support from her family, friends and medical team, Angie was determined to make a change in her life. She faced some severe health issues due to her weight and was determined to turn it around.

So, what did Angie do?

    • She Committed to Fundamentally Change her Lifestyle – Angie decided to commit to a lifestyle transformation. She made small changes to how much she was eating and how often she was exercising. Over time, she was able to get into a healthier routine that made lasting changes.
    • She Found Support from her Medical Team & Family – Angie’s family and medical team were there to support her during her journey. They were able to provide the motivation and guidance she needed to stay on track.
    • She Embraced a New Outlook on Health – Angie was able to gain a new appreciation for her health after her transformation. She began to make healthier decisions as a way of life and was determined to carry on with this attitude.

Today, Angie is a different person. She has lost over 400-lbs due to her willpower and enthusiasm to live a healthier life. Her success story is one of true determination and courage.

Angie J is the perfect example of how with enough commitment and support, we can all achieve our goals.

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