Buddy from My Big Fat Fabulous Life is a beloved fan favorite reality TV star. The show was immensely popular and Buddy’s big personality and larger-than-life attitude made him a household name. Sadly, in April 2021, there was news that Buddy had passed away. His death has left fans stunned and saddened.

What Happened to Buddy?


Buddy from My Big Fat Fabulous Life passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on April 11, 2021. It has been reported that his death was due to complications from diabetes, after he was hospitalized earlier in the week. He had been a type 2 diabetic for many years, but had been managing the condition successfully, so the news of his death came as a shock to many.

Memories of Buddy


Fans of Buddy will always remember his witty humor and larger-than-life spirit. He was always larger than life in every aspect, and always had the best stories and advice to share with his friends and family. He was always a source of joy and laughter, and will always be remembered for that. Here are some of Buddy’s most memorable moments from the show:

    • His Big Fashion Transformation – Buddy was always known for his bold fashion choices and his makeover episode was incredibly memorable. He chose bright colors and patterns to express himself, and it was so great seeing him embracing his true self.
    • His Supportive Attitude Towards His Friends – Buddy was always extremely supportive of his friends, and always had encouraging words and advice to share.
    • His Epic Adventure to the North Pole – Buddy embarked on an epic adventure to the North Pole, and it was honestly one of the best and most memorable episodes of the show.

Buddy’s Legacy

Despite his passing, Buddy’s legacy will live on. His bright and positive spirit will be fondly remembered, and fans will never forget him. He truly was a light and an inspiration to so many, and we can all continue to draw inspiration from him and his life.

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