My 600 Pound Life follows the journey of various individuals struggling with extreme obesity, including Dolly herself. At the beginning of her journey, Dolly weighed an astounding 693 pounds. Although she had previously received bariatric surgery, she wasn’t able to make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure its success.

Her Journey to Weight Loss

Dolly started her journey on My 600 Pound Life determined to find a new way to manage her weight. During her time on the show, she worked closely with renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and with the help of a nutritionist she managed to actively reduce her caloric intake to 1,800 calories per day. Additionally, Dolly was prescribed a variety of medications to help her cope with her morbid obesity and depression.

Reaching Her Goal

Despite initial setbacks, Dolly was able to commit to her weight loss plan and stick with it. By the end of her journey, she dropped an impressive 300 pounds! As a result of her hard work, she was able to not only improve her physical health, but her mental and emotional health as well.

Drawing Inspiration

Dolly truly embodies what it means to have determination and strength in the face of adversity. Her story serves as an inspiration to others that anything is possible when you have the proper mindset and commitment. We can all learn from her example and apply her story to our own lives in order to reach our goals.

Staying Active

Once the show ended, Dolly disappeared from the public eye. But it looks like she has managed to keep up with her healthy lifestyle since her last appearance on My 600 Pound Life. In recent photos, she looks noticeably slimmer and appears to be enjoying life with her sons and husband.


Even though Dolly faced a difficult struggle with obesity, she ultimately triumphed over it and achieved her goal of losing 300 pounds. She is an inspiration for those trying to overcome the same obstacles and an excellent example of how it is possible to take back control of one’s life when armed with resolve and commitment.

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