Jeanne Hebert is an inspiring figure featured in Season 6 of TLC’s “My 600-Pound Life” television series. Jeanne weighed a staggering 659 pounds when the series began, making her one of the heaviest patients ever to be featured on the show.

The Challenge

At the beginning of her journey to health, Jeanne was completely overwhelmed by the challenges posed by her extreme weight. Her mobility was limited and she was so large that she needed two beds to sleep on. As a result, she rarely left her trailer home, living in isolation and unable to work.

The Transformation

When Jeanne came to the show, she wanted to take control of her life and rid herself of the weight. In order to achieve this, she worked with top surgeons, nutritionists and physical therapists to improve her overall health. After a successful weight loss plan and hard work, Jeanne was finally able to reach her goal of losing over 350 lbs.

The Impact

The transformation Jeanne experienced on the show is nothing short of remarkable. After achieving her goals, Jeanne was able to move into her own apartment and lead an active lifestyle, thanks to the help and guidance from the show’s experts. Her story is a testament to what is possible with dedication, hard work and determination.

The takeaways

    • Set realistic goals: Jeanne knew that her goal of losing 350 pounds was achievable, and she was willing to work hard to get there.
    • Get the right help: Having the right team of medical professionals and specialists to guide her along the way was key to Jeanne’s success.
    • Stay motivated and inspired: The transformation she made in her life has inspired others to pursue their own dreams and make positive changes in their lives.


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