For those unfamiliar with the show, “My 600 lb Life” follows individuals from across the nation who struggle with severe obesity as they attempt to make life-changing transformations. Jennifer and Marissa, both from Colorado, are a mother-daughter duo featured on the show.

Jennifer’s Struggles

Jennifer has been struggling with obesity for many years, resorting to food as a source of comfort. She weighed close to 900lbs before her episode aired and had tried a handful of specialized diets and weight loss plans with little success.

Marissa’s Weight Gain

Marissa was a normal weight as a child, with the potential to maintain a healthy body, though her mother’s influence caused her to share her struggles with obesity. She weighed almost 600lbs when her story began to unfold on the show.

The Surgery

At the end of the episode, both attempted to make the drastic change with the help of surgery. Jennifer was the first to undergo the procedure, and was the first to display results. She lost over 300lbs, something she said she never thought was possible. Marissa was a bit less successful in her journey, but still managed to lose a noticeable amount of weight.

Jennifer and Marissa’s Life Transformation

In the subsequent few years, both Jennifer and Marissa continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They exercised regularly, cooked healthier meals, and maintained a healthy diet. As season three of “My 600 lb Life” aired, Jennifer and Marissa have not made an appearance. We can only assume that their willpower, determination, and unwavering strength allowed them to live long and healthy lives.


Those struggling with obesity should take Jennifer and Marissa’s journey as an inspiration and hope that they, too, can transform their lives. With determination and support, anything is possible!

    • Jennifer lost over 300lbs post-surgery
    • Marissa managed to lose a noticeable amount of weight
    • Both continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle after their respective surgery
    • Jennifer and Marissa’s incredible journey of transformation is an inspiration for individuals struggling with obesity

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