The TLC show My 600-lb Life follows the lives of people who are classified as ‘super-morbidly obese’. They must follow a strict diet and do strenuous exercise in order to lose weight in order to avoid life-threatening health complications.

One of the people featured on the show, Lacey Hodder, is a standout story. The beautiful 24-year-old weighed an unbelievable 600 pounds when the show first aired, more than double the average weight of an adult female her age.

Lacey’s Story

Lacey had previously lost 200 pounds, but lifestyle changes caused her to gain it all back. She was limited in her mobility and ate excessively to compensate for her emotional pain. Her husband was also an enabler, bringing her unhealthy snacks and take-out food.

The couple wanted to have a family but she knew that her health was at risk if she didn’t make changes. On My 600-lb Life we get to follow Lacey as she loses weight and tries to turn her life around.

Lacey’s Results

With the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, Lacey was able to lose over 300 pounds over the course of six months. This was an incredible accomplishment and she has been maintaining her weight loss since. She is able to go out in public, plant a garden, and enjoy life in ways she never thought possible.

Here are some of the highlights of Lacey’s impressive journey:

    • Lifesaving Surgery – Lacey had gastric bypass surgery to help her lose weight and be able to eat smaller portion sizes.
    • New Mobility – Lacey was able to significantly improve her mobility and increase her physical activity levels.
    • Food Myths Dispelled – The show debunked the myths surrounding healthy eating and explained the importance of sticking to a healthy diet.
    • A Positive Outlook – Her journey also showed viewers how having a positive attitude can help one overcome any obstacle.

Lacey’s weight loss journey was a powerful story that showed us how anything is possible if you are willing to make the commitment. We wish her the best in the future!

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