Lashanta White-Stevenson, a mother of five, was featured on the hit TV series “My 600 lb Life” in 2018. She weighed in at 602 lbs and was determined to take control of her health and regain her independence. But what happened to her during and after her time appearing on the show?

The Start of Her Journey

When we first met Lashanta, she was completely dependent on her mother and her aunt, who acted as her primary caregivers. She was struggling with mobility, taking the majority of her meals in the form of fast food, and was relying on her mother to serve as her transportation.

Her Journey on the Show

Lashanta began her journey with Dr. Nowzaradan, who focused on her emotional wellbeing as well as her diet. She slowly started to make progress, even losing as much as 55 lbs over the course of her time on the show.

Lashanta’s Life After 600 lb Life

    • She Lost Over 200 Lbs – After appearing on “My 600 lb Life,” Lashanta was able to make an amazing transformation, dropping her weight to 377 lbs.
    • Her Life Is Completely Transformed – Today, Lashanta is living a completely different life. She is able to take care of her children, drive a car, and is now also able to get a job.
    • She Inspires Others – Her story has been an inspiration for many people, who have been inspired by her transformation and her strength. Lashanta has also started an Instagram page, where she continues to document her journey and encourage others to strive for their health and fitness goals.

Lashanta’s story is truly inspiring. She has been able to make a dramatic lifestyle change, has lost over 200 lbs, and is now able to enjoy life again. Hopefully, her story will continue to be an inspiration for many others striving to reach their own health and fitness goals.

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