Mercedes Cephas was featured in a TLC reality show in 2014 episode entitled “Mercedes’ Journey.” Mercedes was a struggling woman in her final years who made the brave decision to have life saving bariatric surgery in an attempt to improve her health and quality of life. In this article, we look at what happened to Mercedes after appearing on the 600 lb Life.

Before and After Surgery

Prior to bariatric surgery, Mercedes weighed 600 pounds. After her life-saving operation, she was already down to a fraction of her initial weight. Here is how she looked before and after:

    • Before Surgery: 600 lbs
    • After Surgery: 350 lbs

Life Changes After Surgery

The surgery changed more than just her physical appearance. Mercedes had a new outlook on life and became motivated to live healthier. Swimming had always been Mercedes’ favorite activity, and after surgery she was able to start swimming again. She also took the time to enjoy other hobbies such as gardening, cooking, and painting. With her newfound strength and confidence, Mercedes began to pursue her lifelong dream of owning her own business.

Post-Op Years

Unfortunately, after a few years, Mercedes began to gain weight again. Her post-op struggles were brought to light in a 2018 episode of 600 lb Life and the news soon spread that she had gone back up to 430 pounds. Although her progress was temporarily derailed, Mercedes still maintained a positive attitude and a strong determination to keep herself healthy.

Where Is Mercedes Today?

Thankfully, Mercedes is in good health today and is always making sure to keep her health a priority. While she hasn’t revealed her exact weight, it is clear that she has managed to keep her weight off and is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In 2020, she celebrated her 67th birthday, and can be seen on her social media accounts living life to the fullest.

Mercedes’ story is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We are glad to see that Mercedes is continuing to make progress and is living her life to the fullest!

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