The TLC show ‘My 600-lb. Life’ follows individuals as they strive to lose weight, clean up their lives and make a complete transformation through traditional and unconventional treatments. One such hopeful was Pauline, who appeared in Season 5. So, what happened to Pauline on the show?

Pauline’s Difficult Journey

Pauline had become a recluse due to her morbid obesity. She kept to herself and had very few friends and family members to support her in her journey. At the start of her journey, Pauline revealed that she was 920 pounds, meaning she needed to lose more than 300 pounds in order to be a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

Her First Setback

Pauline’s journey to lose weight hit a bump when she underwent joint replacement surgery. The risks of the surgery were high and Pauline suffered from some severe complications as a result of the surgery. She was confined to a wheelchair for several months and was bedridden for much of that time.

Successful Weight Loss

Pauline’s weight loss journey eventually proved to be successful on the show. With the help of her doctor’s guidance and strict diet and exercise routine, Pauline managed to lose a whopping 310 pounds. This was a monumental accomplishment and put her well on her way to reaching her goal weight.

Newfound Confidence

At the end of Pauline’s journey, she was feeling more confident than ever before. She was getting out of the house and socializing with friends and family. She was also happily dating a man named Ed and seemed to be in a much better place mentally and physically.

A Triumphant Conclusion

Pauline emerged from her journey with a newfound level of self-confidence and self-worth. She had finally taken control of her life, lost an incredible amount of weight, and was enjoying the companionship of a sweet, new relationship. All in all, Pauline’s journey on ‘My 600-lb. Life’ proves that anything is possible when it comes to overcoming obesity and other life struggles.

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