Life 360 is a family locator, messaging, and communication platform that allows people to track each other’s locations and stay connected. But, when it’s time to move on from the app, what really happens if you delete Life 360?

Your Data Will Be Gone

When you delete Life 360, all of your data, such as locations and conversations will be deleted permanently. This includes other people’s data that is connected to you. All of the data and history you have will be gone and unrecoverable.

Unconnected Circles

When you delete Life 360, any circle connections you have will be disconnected. All other users will stop receiving notifications if you have left the circle and will have to be reconnected, if desired.

Premium Services

If you are on a Life 360 premium account, then your account will be cancelled as soon as you delete. This cancellation will affect all payment details and other services connected with the premium membership.

Tips for Deleting Life 360

Before you delete Life 360, here are a few tips you should consider:

    • Check your circle connections: Make sure that you have disconnected all circle connections with your leaving the platform.
    • Confirm with family: Before you leave, make sure you let your family know as they will no longer be able to track each other’s locations.
    • Cancel premium account: If you are on a premium account, make sure to cancel the account before deleting your Life 360 account.

So, if you are considering deleting your Life 360 account, then make sure that you know the implications of doing so. Keep in mind that as soon as you do so, all your data and circle connections will be deleted permanently. Also, it is important to note that any premium services will be cancelled as well.

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