A VFW Legacy Life Member is a person that is a direct descendant of an eligible veteran, who has died in service or after discharge, of any of the branches of the United States Armed Forces. The Legacy Life Member is entitled to all the same benefits and privileges as any VFW Life Member with the exception of the right to vote or hold office.

Benefits of a VFW Legacy Life Member

    • Free membership: VFW Legacy Life Members are entitled to free VFW membership for life.
    • Discounts: VFW Legacy Life Members receive discounts on certain VFW purchases and services.
    • Access to resources: VFW Legacy Life Members have access to the many resources and programs that the VFW has to offer.
    • Peer support: VFW Legacy Life Members can benefit from the moral and emotional support of other Legacy Life Members.
    • Leadership opportunities: Legacy Life Members have the opportunity to take on leadership roles within the VFW and help shape the direction of the organization.

Eligibility for VFW Legacy Life Membership is limited to direct descendants of eligible veterans, so it is important to research the information carefully. It is also important to keep in mind that in order to remain a VFW Legacy Life Member, a person must maintain an active membership. This means that the Legacy Life Member must remain in good standing with the VFW and its local posts.


VFW Legacy Life Members have the privilege of enjoying all the benefits of a VFW Life Member, including free membership and discounts, as well as access to resources, emotional support, and leadership opportunities. Becoming a VFW Legacy Life Member is a unique way to honor the legacy of an eligible veteran and enjoy the many benefits that come with belonging to a VFW Post.

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