Going green and living a green lifestyle has become increasingly more important in a rapidly changing world. So, what exactly does “going green” mean? Here we will look at the many ways in which we can all lead a more sustainable and eco-friendly life.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

These three Rs are the cornerstones of living a greener life.

  • Reduce: This means reducing consumption, including waste, energy and water consumption.
  • Reuse: Reusing, by re-purposing items, will extend the life of something while also reducing emissions caused by creating a new product.
  • Recycle: Recycling is an important step in reducing what we send to the landfill or incinerator.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is one of the main environmental issues today and there are many steps we can take to reduce our energy consumption. Some of these steps include:

    • Switching to energy efficient lighting
    • Unplugging electrical appliances when they are not in use
    • Using natural light where possible
    • Insulating homes, offices and businesses

Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a significant issue and in the United States, over one-third of the food grown and produced is not consumed. To reduce food waste, we should:

    • Plan meals and shopping trips to reduce unnecessary purchases
    • Store leftovers properly and eat them
    • Compost kitchen scraps, turning them into valuable soil for the garden
    • Support local farmers and communities to reduce food miles and reduce the environmental impacts of transportation

Eco-friendly Transportation

Using more eco-friendly forms of transportation is an important step in going green. Some options for green transportation include:

    • Walking or bicycling whenever possible
    • Using public transportation when available
    • Carpooling or ridesharing with friends or colleagues
    • Using an electric or hybrid vehicle

Living a Greener Life

Living a greener life is a journey of constant change and improvement. Doing small things, such as making eco-friendly choices every day, can have a huge collective impact. Going green is living a sustainable lifestyle, which not only benefits the environment but is also beneficial to our health and wellbeing.

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