Life Tab is the perfect way to organise your life. It helps to provide individuals with the necessary tools to make life decisions and chart their progress through life. Life Tab offers a host of features to help users keep track of their goals, personal growth and success.

Features of Life Tab

    • Dashboard: This feature offers a customized overview of your daily tasks, to-do lists and events.
    • Goals: Users can set individual goals or goals for their whole team, and the app will track the progress of each goal until it’s accomplished.
    • Journal: A tool for logging events, ideas, and feelings to help understand one’s personal evolution.
    • Analytics: Get an analysis of your values and achievements from a single overview.
    • Integrations: Allows users to sync Life Tab with their chosen social media accounts and other external applications.

Benefits of Life Tab

    • Be Self-Aware: Life Tab provides insights into how you interact with the environment and people around you, empowering you to make more meaningful life changes.
    • Grow As a Team: Working teams can share and assign tasks and goals, allowing team members to better collaborate, stay organized, and achieve success.
    • Track Your Progress: Track the data points that matter to you, to better measure and review how far you’ve come, and how much farther you need to go.
    • Organize Your Life: Manage your events, tasks and goals all in one place with Life Tab’s intuitive organizational tools.

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