Diabetes is a chronic endocrine disorder that occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to manage the glucose levels in a body. Like in humans, it can also affect pets, particularly dogs. Diabetes can cause a number of problems for dogs and can even shorten their life expectancy.

Depending on the Severity of the Disease

The average life expectancy of a diabetic dog will depend on the severity of the disease. If the disease is well managed with diet, exercise, and proper medical care, then it is possible for the dog to live a normal lifespan. However, if the diabetes is not managed properly, it can cause severe health problems that can reduce the dog’s life expectancy.

Common Complications of Diabetes

The following are some of the common complications of diabetes in dogs:

    • Dehydration
    • Weight Loss/Gain
    • Lethargy
    • Liver Disease
    • Lower Immunity

With Proper Care, the Dog Can Live a Normal Life Span

With proper care and treatment, diabetic dogs can live a normal life expectancy. Regular veterinary visits, diet control, exercise, and insulin injections can help manage the disease and keep the diabetes in check.

It is important for any dog owner to be aware of diabetes in their pet and to talk to their vet about the best treatments for their pet. With proper care and monitoring of their diabetes, an owner can help extend their dog’s life expectancy.


The average life expectancy of a diabetic dog can depend on the severity of the disease, but with the proper management and monitoring of the diabetes, and regular veterinary visits, a diabetic dog can live a normal lifespan.

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