Life letters are written in whatever language resonates best within the hearts and minds of the individuals who write them. Life letters provide an opportunity to reach out to a loved one and express a sentiment that sometimes cannot be expressed orally.

A Life Letter is Filled With Meaning

A life letter is filled with meaning and understanding that transcends language. It can be written in any language and contain any expression which wonderfully emphasizes the universality of love, respect and admiration that a life letter contains.

Cross-Cultural Messages

Writing a life letter in the native language of one’s beloved is a meaningful way of showing that what is being expressed does not have any boundaries or borders, but instead is an expression of heartfelt sentiment. A life letter in a language that is not your own places emphasis on the importance of the message and symbolizes a greater respect for the person being addressed.

Write from the Heart

At the end of the day, whatever language you use to express your life letter is irrelevant. What matters is that the feelings in the letter come directly from the heart and that the words have the power to express the magnitude of your feelings in a way that language can do justice to. It is important to focus on conveying the right message – one of warmth, tenderness, gratitude and appreciation – in whatever language you feel best allows you to do this.

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