The advertisements of life insurance policies must contain information that can help the consumers to make an educated decision about a potentially life-altering choice. Here are 5 things that should be included in all life insurance advertisements:

1. Policy Premiums

Premiums are the recurring payments people must make to keep the life insurance policy active. All advertisements should provide a clear explanation of what type of policy premiums are available and the cost associated with each.

2. Benefits

The benefits of the life insurance policy need to be laid out in plain language. Advertisers should make sure to include the information about the type of death benefits, age limits, and riders the policy offers.

3. Length of the Policy’s Term

Consumers should know the length of their policy’s term. Does the policy expire? Or, is it renewable with an additional term? The length of the policy’s term should be included in all life insurance advertisements.

4. Disclosure of Fees, Charges and Surcharges

Consumers are entitled to know all fees, charges, and surcharges associated with the life insurance policy. If there are any other associated fees, these need to be included in the advertisements as well.

5. Adequate Disclaimers

Life insurance policies are complex and the complexity should be clearly communicated in the advertisement’s disclosures. Consumers must be aware of:

    • What the policy does not cover
    • Limitations of the policy’s coverage
    • Any potential risks

By including all the above points in life insurance advertisements, consumers can become more informed and make an educated decision regarding an important financial product.

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