Life is Strange is an episodic video game series that explores relationships, emotions, and life choices, set in a small town in Oregon. Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, it’s a gripping narrative but knowing which episode to play first can be confusing. Here’s how you should play them in order!

Episode 1: Chrysalis

The first episode to the series is Chrysalis, where players get to meet the main characters Max and Chloe. Chrysalis introduces the supernatural elements of the game, as Max discovers she can rewind time, and begins using it to change the lives of those around her. Playing Chrysalis first is important as it sets up the world, introduces the characters, and explains the time-travel mechanics.

Episode 2: Out of Time

Out of Time follows Max and Chloe in their first real adventure, where they experiment with Max’s time-traveling powers. This episode explores the limits of Max’s powers and further develops the characters and the relationship between them.

Episode 3: Chaos Theory

In Chaos Theory, Max is tasked with saving a missing girl, while Chloe struggles with her own past. This episode dives deeper into the consequences of Max’s choices, and sets up the stakes for later episodes.

Episode 4: Dark Room

In Dark Room, the stakes are raised as secrets are revealed and the shocking truth is uncovered. As Max’s time-traveling powers become more limited, the choices become more dire. This episode sets the stage for a thrilling conclusion.

Episode 5: Polarized

The final episode of the series, Polarized, is the climax of Max’s story. This episode sees her make one final, daring move that will change the lives of everyone around her. Playing Polarized last will provide the most meaningful and moving experience.

In order to truly experience the power and emotion of Life is Strange, playing the episodes in the correct order is essential. Starting with Chrysalis and finishing with Polarized will give the best experience and the most satisfying ending. Happy time-traveling!

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