Celebrations of life are held in honor of a person who has passed away. The goal of such celebrations is to help loved ones grieve, reminisce, and come together to give a send-off of love and joy. Here are some food service options to make the occasion special:


Hiring a caterer ensures that your Celebration of Life will include delicious, beautiful food. Depending on the type of event, you may choose to have a buffet, plate service, family-style service, or formal seated meal with wait staff.


A potluck encourages participation from all of your loved ones. Ask each guest for a dish and create a well-rounded meal. This type of service will save money and provide passers-by the opportunity to discuss their favorite memories of the deceased.


For a casual Celebration of Life, a table of snacks and drinks can fill everyone up without the need for an entire meal. Consider offering:

    • Nuts
    • Cheese and Crackers
    • Fruit and Veggie Platters
    • Muffins and sweets


It’s important to provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at your event. Offer a variety of drinks such as beer, wine, juice, sodas, and water to ensure all guests can indulge according to their preferences.

A Celebration of Life is a wonderful way to remember a person who has passed away. While the food served isn’t the main focus of the event, choosing delicious food that reflects the deceased’s favorite foods, flavors, and cultures will add a special touch.

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