The concept of sanctity of human life is a term used to recognize the inherent value of all humans regardless of societal, social or cultural differences.

What is the Origin of the Sanctity of Human Life?

The sanctity of human life concept has its origin in the belief that human life is uniquely valuable and should be respected and protected. This concept is rooted in religious, social, ethical and philosophical teachings that have been around for thousands of years.

How is the Sanctity of Human Life Taught?

    • Religious Teachings – religions offer teachings on how to honour and respect human life and its value.
    • Ethical Teachings – there are ethical frameworks, including secular and non-secular codes of conduct, that demonstrate respect for human life.
    • Educational Programs – a variety of educational programs are available to provide information on the importance and value of humans.


Sanctity of human life is a concept that acknowledges the importance of all human life. It has its origin in religious, social, ethical and philosophical teachings and is taught through a variety of religious, ethical and educational programs.

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