Ever since Batman first appeared on TV and in the comics, everyone has been wondering what he would look like in real-life. His iconic look of the black mask, cape and cowl, combined with his muscular physique, make for a super hero with a bold and confident appearance.

From the perfect jawline to the imposing cape, there is no doubt that Batman would make an impressive figure in person.

So, How Would He Look?

    • Face: It goes without saying that Batman would have an incredibly chiseled face. He would probably have prominent cheekbones and a powerful jawline, with a neck so muscular you could cut diamonds on it.
    • Hair: His hair would most likely be black – unusually thick, slicked back and glossy.
    • Thunder Thighs: One thing we are certain of, is that Batman would have huge, rock-hard thighs. His muscular frame and graceful movements on the rooftops are no doubt a result of intense training, day-in and day-out.
    • Handsome Equipment: Of course, no Batman look would be complete without his signature equipment: the black cape, mask, utility belt and batarangs.


While it’s hard to say with certainty what Batman would look like in real-life, it’s safe to say that he would be an incredibly handsome, muscular and well-equipped force for justice.

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