High on Life is the newest title from Astragon Entertainment GmbH that is set to be released on Xbox Game Pass. This exciting new game is sure to have fans buzzing!

Release Date:

High on Life is scheduled for a global release on Xbox Game Pass on July 29th, 2020.



    • Choose Your Own Adventure: Players will be able to craft their own stories and live their lives as they choose.
    • Real-Life Activities: Players will be able to explore, work, learn and play tailor-made mini-games based on their own lives.
    • Be a Part of the Story: Players will be able to interact with characters, make choices and be a part of the story in immersive and engaging ways.
    • Experience the World: Players will be able to explore an expansive world and experience unique regions, cultures and environments.

High on Life is sure to be an exciting and unique experience on Xbox Game Pass, and fans will be looking forward to its release next month.

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