God has a special purpose for everyone; this is often referred to as a divine purpose or a “calling” from God. A calling from God doesn’t always fit into the world’s outward standards and expectations, but it carries great and mighty rewards.

4 Signs of God Putting a Calling on Your Life

    • You Are Drawn to the Bible – When the living God starts to stir inside of you, suddenly the words of the Bible become alive with new meaning and power.
    • You Hear God – There will come a day God starts to speak to your heart directly, telling you specifics about a calling or a task He wants you to do.
    • Unexpected Opportunities – Events, conversations, and situations that seem serendipitous or “out of the blue” are often God’s way of throwing open a door of opportunity He’s reated for you.
    • An Accompanying Fear – A feeling of fear and awe is often experienced when you know it’s God placing a calling on your life.

Being called by God is one of the most inspiring things that can happen to any person. When God puts a calling on your life, it means He’s chosen you to complete a special mission for Him. Accepting and responding to this special calling is a challenge, but it can bring with it immense joy and satisfaction.

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