The Emmy Award-winning Life Below Zero is a popular TV show that follows the lives of people who live in the remote areas of Alaska. The show has run for 12 seasons and is still going strong. Fans are wondering when the new season of Life Below Zero will be coming out.

Release Date

The thirteenth season of Life Below Zero is set to premiere on February 24, 2021. Viewers can look forward to new and exciting storylines as they follow the people of Alaska on their hard journey to survive in the freezing temperatures.

Plot of the New Season

The upcoming season of Life Below Zero will follow the same people as before such as [Andy, Agnes, Sue, Chip and kathy], as they try to make their way through tough times in the brutal environment. The show will take viewers on a journey that will highlight the perils and challenges of life in Alaska.

Highlighted Events

In this season, we can expect:

    • Andy’s struggle – He will have to make crucial decisions about continuing his homestead, as food supplies and money are running low.
    • Agnes’ battle with the elements – Agnes will continue to battle the cold, unpredictable climate and may have to face more challenging adventures in this season.
    • Sue, Chip and Kathy’s Expansion – Sue, Chip and Kathy will work on expanding their facilities and may have to face a few struggles along the way.

So, get ready for an epic thirteenth season of Life Below Zero starting February 24, 2021.

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